Wedding Dance Services

The First Dance is a quintessential wedding tradition. It's a moment that celebrates your union, and is shared with all your friends and family. Why not make it truly special?

Chances are you've never had formal ballroom training, and the idea of breaking into dance in front of relatives and friends makes you a bit anxious. We at Dance Fever Studio have years of experience working with wedding couples on their First Dance, so fear not: once you begin, you'll not only feel comfortable with the idea - we believe you'll truly enjoy it.

Your teacher will put you at ease starting with your first lesson. We'll tailor the dance -and the experience- to you. Whether you prefer something classic and traditional, or something fun and unique, we'll help you create a dance that reflects your personal style.

The months and days leading up a wedding can be overwhelming. With all the planning, prep, and anticipation, it can be hard to take time and enjoy the process. We would like to help you not only create the perfect culminating moment, but to enjoy the journey leading up to it as well.

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