Nine Benefits You Can Experience Once You Start Dancing

It was difficult to limit this list to just nine. Dance is such an important part of the human experience, and yet, so many people deny themselves of this experience because they are afraid or because they just don’t know where to begin. We hope this short list helps to convince you to give dance a try.

Start Dancing

1. Health

You’ll be exercising without even knowing it! It’s great for cardiovascular exercise over an extended period of time and creates great, toned muscle. Your overall health benefits so much.

2. Stress Relief

Your brain will release chemicals which relieve stress and allow you to put aside your worries for a while. You’ll come back to your life with a clear head and a fresh outlook.

3. Teamwork

Whether you are dancing with the help of the instructor, a partner, or with a team, you learn to work together for a common goal with each step. This translates into other areas of your life as well.

4. Romance

Now we’re not saying dance has to be romantic, but there is the potential to translate these skills into social interactions, if needed. Dancing with a significant other can help bring you closer as well, too.

5. Memory

Dance combines cognitive memory with muscle memory. Using these pathways in your brain and body have long-term benefits for overall memory.

6. Coordination

If you feel like you have “two left feet,” dance is a great way to improve those coordination issues on and off the dancefloor.

7. Sport

Not everyone wants to get involved in competitive dance, but you could. Also, dance skills have benefit in many other sporting activities.

8. Artistic Expression

Dance is an artform and will engage your creative side in a way that will benefit you personally, but in other areas of your life, too.

9. No Regrets!

You’ll never say, I wish I had never danced. Take a chance on you, and do something that will be fun and have so many benefits for you.


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