Four Reasons To Love Tango

At Dance Fever Studio (located at 200 Wells Ave in Newton, MA) we appreciate all types of dance. From offering classes for adults and children, group and private classes, and even wedding dance classes, we’re truly enthusiastic about the art of dance. However, one dance that we’re truly drawn to is the enticing dance of tango. While we’d love for you give us a call by phone or contact us to tell you all of the reasons we love tango, we thought we’d share our four favorite reasons here. Four Reasons To Love Tango

Find yourself in an exhilarating atmosphere…

1. Music: The second you hear tango music begin you’ll become encompassed in the beauty and sophistication that makes up its fiery rhythm. As the powerful tempo begins to ignite your internal spark, you’ll begin to dive further into the depths of your heart and soul than you ever thought possible. Soon, you will find yourself and the music aligning as one. 

2. Community: Once you become part of the tango community, you’ll find yourself in a world of alluring glamour and stimulating conversation. You’ll likely find yourself mystified by the gorgeous and intellectual dancers that surround you as you find yourself becoming part of a community that appreciates the finer things in life when you begin taking private or group tango classes at Dance Fever Studio

Reignite your inner fire...

3. Passion: When you’re performing tango, you’ll find yourself swept up in a whirlwind of heated passion as you and your partner develop a connection on a level that provokes an almost out of body experience. You’ll soon find yourself surrounded by exhilarating ecstasy as you and your partner are transported into an entirely different realm together.

4. Elegance: Tango is an incredibly elegant dance, filled with fluid and seamless motions as well as body positions that transcend normality. Along with the help of our world-trained instructors, you’ll learn how to perform breathtaking back ochos and giros as you begin to straighten and strengthen your posture. 

Visit us today at 200 Wells Ave in Newton, MA to sign up for your free tango lesson and find out more about our other dance services including classes for adults and children, group and private classes, and even wedding dance classes. All you’ll need for your free tango lesson is a pair of shoes with a sturdy sole (preferably with a leather or suede sole, though hard plastic will do for beginners), some loose flowing clothing that is comfortable to move in, and a passion to learn and thrive in the art of dance.


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