Five Reasons Your Kids Should Do Ballroom Dancing Right Now

The art of dance has numerous positive benefits that can help your children in their development. While the concept of ballroom dance for kids may seem foreign to you, it's something you need to consider. Of course, you should find a top-tier dance studio in Newton, MA, first. Thankfully, Dance Fever Studio exists to help you out. Give us a call today, so we can take your child to new heights. 

Five Reasons Your Kids Should Do Ballroom Dancing Right Now

Why Choose Us?

While we conduct dance classes for recreational purposes, we also function as a DanceSport studio for those children who are heading into the competitive scene. Here are five reasons why the idea of ballroom dance for kids is a good one.

Discipline - Discipline is one of the fundamental principles that children need to learn as they grow. Proper ballroom dancing requires discipline in spades, thanks to the coordination requirements. Not only do kids need to develop a conditioned response to the music, but they must also synchronize their movements with another person. The act of learning the art form conditions the body and mind. 

Social Advantages - Children need the chance to play and learn within circles of other children. The interaction depends on and teaches numerous social skills that can take them through life. Not only can your child make friends, but there is also the benefit of learning the essential skill of teamwork. 

Muscular and Cardiovascular Health - The requirements of ballroom dance for kids help to promote healthy blood flow and better muscular engagement. Much of this comes from the requirements to move for more extended periods than they break. At the competitive level, children spend five rounds dancing for 12 times as long as they break. 

Improved Self-Confidence - You should never underestimate the importance of self-confidence to a child. Learning and performing at a dance studio in Newton can be a potentially embarrassing prospect initially. Your child learns how to deal with feelings of nervousness and embarrassment, which leads to a more assertive approach to unfamiliar situations. 

Better Memory and Concentration - Children are at the age where their brains function like sponges. That's why it's essential to improve their ability to concentrate and remember things. Not only does the art of dance require tremendous concentration to get through the various routines, but it also depends on memory to maintain a hold on each subsequent step. The way the brain is engaged translates to other areas in life. 

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